Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Painted Warrior

While I had converted this warrior long long ago, he finally got a paint job. In fact, at this stage he is the only one of my Dark Eldar models that now is. Why did I paint him these colors. Well blue is the colour on the codex and sickly purple for the face plate and gun due to an image of a dark eldar that was published in White Dwarf. Not the best of reasons for color choice, but i thought I would try it and see. Unfortunately, with the release of codex Space Marines at this time, I was kind of regreting the blue due to all of the Ultra Marine images I was seeing. I also am not keen on the way I painted the face plate and gun, since it makes him look a little Nurglish, even though the Dark Eldar would deal in toxins. Sadly for this warrior, I think he is going to remain alone with this paint scheme. At this stage, I am not sure what scheme I should adopt for my force, so I will put it on the back boiler for awhile, as I have plenty of other things to work on. But to any who might read this, I would appreciate any comments or thoughts.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reaver Jet Bike Conversion (Final)

The force net struts have now been properly attached. With regard to the rear canopy, I did use greenstuff to make it look plated, but thought it looked so bad that I removed it all and just replaced it with the single plate that you can see in the picture. I also added a Guardian sensor spine to the canopy, although it is perhaps unnecessary. The blades at the under front now look quite busy. The splinter rifle sits between the two other blades, while the small Reaver blades sit between the larger blades and the front canopy. The picture taken from the front better shows the layout. It also better shows the work I did for the front of the model. I used a space marine shoulder pad (with detail filed off) to make a bit of a wind shield for the rider. I then used greenstuff to make the jet intake. As far as machines go, my greenstuff work is not to hot, so I was glad this was the only part that needed anything significant. I wanted the front of the craft to look a little like an Eldar head. The band of greenstuff looks a little like a visor or blindfold, while the grill looks a little like a screaming mouth. I actually wanted it to look a little like a Eldar Banshee mouthpiece, which is why I added the triangular bit at the bottom of the openning. I would imagine that while the Reaver can run almost silently when desired, it can also rapidly move emiting a screaming drone, so as to better terrorize their prey. If like the Talos, the jetbike is partly powered by a tortured soul, then the visage is not unappropriate. Greenstuff was also used to better attach the blades on the side of the front canopy. After all, I did not want them to look like they were only glued on. In general, I wanted all the blades to look like they are attached in a fragile manner. Although the blades are super sharp, I imagine that it is better for a blade to break off than for the bike to be really damaged. I like to imagine that a Reaver Rider who does not lose any of his blades while raiding would be sniggered about as being some kind of Craftworlder.
This now completes all that I intended to do for the conversion. I must say that while it contains many attributes of my initial vision, it had diverged alot from what I initially intended. But that is part of what I like about converting, you never quite know how the jigsaw will turn out. Some parts are not as good as my mental vision, yet there are many aspects that are better than what I imagined. Also, my concepts about the model evolved as I was assembling it. Anyway, at least it can be seen what you can get by merging a Reaver Jet Bike sprue with a Guardian Heavy Weapon sprue.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Reaver Jetbike Rider (Part 2)

I thought I would take a moment to compare my new Reaver Rider to the original (since my new rider is now complete in his riding position). I had to make cuts at the knees and anckles to get the legs into the correct position (starting from normal guadian legs). The arms needed to be cut at the elbows to get them right. I have attached to handle bars of the Reaver Jetbike to the rider first. The rider is just like my warriors, with a spike on one knee. Due to the 'back-pack' of the amour, he does not look like he is leaning as far forward as he actually is. However, I am happy with the look. If you compare him to his standing version I showed previously, you can see that his suit was designed for this riding position. At the moment, he is completely assembled, except that his head is held on with bluetac (to make painting easier). The handle bars are made out of Guardian shuriken catapult magazines. I also used these magazines to make the foot rests on the bike. Being more upright and having guardian-like armour, he looks bigger than the leather clad Reaver rider, but I can live with that.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reaver Jetbike Conversion (Part 7)

Had to set aside my hobby for a while, but now to continue the conversion. As can be seen, I have now added blades to the front section. Looks more like a vicious mini Wave Serpent now. Also noteable in this picture are the structures added to the tail section. These are made out of Dark Eldar splinter rifles, Eldar guardian bits, and the Reaver Jetbike's small front spikes. Currently they are being held on with bluetac. When they are properly attached, they will be a little more forward on the model. These structures are my Force Net Struts, tucked away while not in use. The projectors on the struts, as well as on the underside of the canopy, are what create the force net. But they can also be used as wicked mobile blades (which continues my multi-use theme for my conversions).

In this picture, I've put the struts down in position for creating the force net. If a victim does not get sliced with the front blades, they get scooped up in the net. For this first model, I will have the struts in the rest position (as in the first picture). This picture also better shows the cut out sections in the rear canopy. Perhaps I am getting carried away with putting holes in the model, but I want the jetbike to look fragile (which is the style I see for the Dark Eldar - fagile but deadly). The next step is some green stuffing.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reaver Jet Bike Conversion (Part 6)

After procrastinating for a week about if I should replace the small tail blade with the large Raider blade, I decided to use the small Raider blade. I felt the large Raider blade was too vital for my eventual Raider conversion. Also, the large blade was a little too large even though I liked the shape of it better. Once again, I have cut out a section and drilled some holes in the blade so as to make it lighter, since it was not already hollow like the large Raider blade. I am satisfied with the look of it. Now to continue the conversion.