Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reaver Jetbike Conversion (Part 7)

Had to set aside my hobby for a while, but now to continue the conversion. As can be seen, I have now added blades to the front section. Looks more like a vicious mini Wave Serpent now. Also noteable in this picture are the structures added to the tail section. These are made out of Dark Eldar splinter rifles, Eldar guardian bits, and the Reaver Jetbike's small front spikes. Currently they are being held on with bluetac. When they are properly attached, they will be a little more forward on the model. These structures are my Force Net Struts, tucked away while not in use. The projectors on the struts, as well as on the underside of the canopy, are what create the force net. But they can also be used as wicked mobile blades (which continues my multi-use theme for my conversions).

In this picture, I've put the struts down in position for creating the force net. If a victim does not get sliced with the front blades, they get scooped up in the net. For this first model, I will have the struts in the rest position (as in the first picture). This picture also better shows the cut out sections in the rear canopy. Perhaps I am getting carried away with putting holes in the model, but I want the jetbike to look fragile (which is the style I see for the Dark Eldar - fagile but deadly). The next step is some green stuffing.

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